Using Strategy to Better Position Your Brand

Using Strategy to Better Position Your Brand

With the rise of eCommerce, high-quality products are easily accessible to consumers at reasonable prices, and the competition is hot. There’s an overwhelming amount of options and, thus, a need for brands, to get creative with how they’re positioning themselves. That being said, when it comes to brand strategy, you need a game plan that streamlines the way consumers perceive and understand your product. This is an imperative part of the process as you want to identify differences between your brand and competitors. When done with intent and purpose, this can be key to augmenting retention rates and cultivating a sense of customer loyalty.

To begin, you’ll want to reevaluate the current identity of your brand. This means assessing what your mission is, what your brand values are, what problems your product serves as a solution to, and how consumers currently perceive your business. Gauge how quickly these answers come to mind, and consider ways you can showcase this. For instance, you might consider a customer review page that displays how much your customers enjoy your product, or even an innovative about page that promotes your mission internal values. Nonetheless, once you can gather some input about your audience and what they want, you can better understand how to use these tips to position your brand above your competitors.

1. Promote what makes you different

Identify a unique selling proposition that you can weave in to the core identity of your brand. Whether it’s a narrative, a philosophy, your internal process, or a profound objective, this is key to elevating yourself among your competitors. Audiences gravitate towards brands who have a strong voice and a defined purpose because they like to support brands that stand for something. An example of this is reflected in the trend for handmade and artisanal goods, and the surge of sales we’re seeing for brands that specialize in this. Be sure you’ve built out this side of your brand, and when you do, make sure it’s at the crux of everything else.

2. Reinforce quality

It may seem obvious, but a solid strategy for cultivating brand loyalty is to build your brand by selling consumers on the level of quality. If you’re going to develop a community of return customers, quality is something you cannot sacrifice. When customers are dissatisfied, they take to social media, share their frustration, and take their business elsewhere. Needless to say, it’s not a corner you can cut. Think of a brand like Casper, Bose, or Apple. Quality is inherently associated with these brands, and it shows.

3. Tailor the rules to your product

Make a list that evaluates the various differences that set your brand apart from competitors, and consider using this insight as fuel for your branding strategy. If there’s a specific quirk or characteristic that defines your brand identity, leverage that. When audiences see brands break through the white noise of modern marketing, they talk about it. Use this to your advantage and start an unconventional conversation that will propel your brand forward. Sometimes embracing the ideas that are otherwise unheard of inspires robust success.

4. Profit on personalization

Audiences today crave unique customer experiences more than ever before. Why? Because experiences leave meaningful impressions. Sometimes this is as minor as beautiful packaging, a handwritten thank you note, or a customized tuck-in that comes with every purchase. Regardless of how you choose to execute this, it’s important to note that emphasizing the branding of your product is just as imperative to your success as the function and quality. Subscription boxes do a great job of this. From Birchbox to Winc to Dollar Shave Club, these brands have found innovative ways to deliver personalized experiences and cultivate loyal audiences.

5. Show you appreciate your customers

Brands must always remember that customers are faced with an abundance of different options for where they can take their business. Markets are becoming increasingly saturated, so what’s going to make YOU stand out? Thanking your customers and sincerely expressing appreciation for their support is a tactic you won’t regret. It’s a surefire way to augment brand loyalty and generate a pool of repeat customers. It also conveys to consumers that you don’t just view them as a sale, and that sentiment goes a long way.

Whether you decide to try out one of these tactics or see a benefit in applying all five, it’s crucial to remember that you have to always be thinking one step ahead. The digital landscape is revolutionizing the way consumers and brands interact, so challenge the norm, think different than your competitors, and always be a few steps ahead of the game.