Lowes – Build & Grow

Changing the Game Through Personalization, Engagement, and Loyalty.


A quintessential leader in the home improvement category, Lowe’s wanted to give consumers a more integrated experience with the brand’s Build and Grow program. An initiative that targets children, Build and Grow hosts hand-on activities and workshops in various stores, as well as DIY projects that can be taken home. It helps to cultivate a sense of community among Lowe’s customers and augments connectivity and engagement.

While the program does a lot of good, there are areas to improve. The Build and Grow initiative doesn’t parallel intuitively with Lowe’s storefront, and it fails to monitor and manage its social media presence, which translates as a disservice to the promotion of the community experience. Because this led to a skewed identity of the brand, we identified an opportunity to do something different.

Build & Grow

Our Approach

RDI Ablaze wanted to take Build and Grow to a new level by fully showcasing all the program does. To create a more integrated experience, we launched an easy-to-use platform that bridged social to feature more community outreach, additional clinics, and to create more alignment between the Build and Grow initiatives and Lowe’s stores.

This provided an outlet to deliver value to consumers in a more intentional way, in addition to acknowledging efforts, fostering advocacy, facilitating connections, and bringing forth a solution that seamlessly integrates the current Lowe’s brand with the new extension of the Build and Grow program.

Success Results

We created our platform to have a mobile-first, modern feel and an intuitive layout. We leveraged design capabilities to promote seasonal events, share user-generated content and photos, reinforce the value of community, highlight corporate partners, and tell a brand story that complemented the program. Consequently, registration increased by over 20%, and it allowed Lowe’s to implement a strategy to reach consumers with promotional offers, such as regularly-distributed coupons and special incentives.

Implementing these initiatives allowed the brand to engage with consumers and spread the word about their program at no additional cost. We used other visual components to bring ease to scrolling behavior, simple navigation, clear CTA’s (call to action) across the site, and prioritize registration. By condensing the many elements of the brand, we were able to create a single, streamlined platform that ultimately elicited a more cohesive identity for Lowe’s.