4 Tips to Revolutionize the Impact of Your Website


Having a website is an essential for any brand with plans to prosper in today’s economy. Websites  are a necessity because they give your audience a more personal way to engage and connect with your brand. It’s a space that allows you to reinforce your mission, your identity as a brand, and the unique value proposition that you have to offer your consumer base.

But let’s be honest for a second: Considering websites are a non-negotiable component for brands, this also means that web development resembles a space that’s incredibly saturated. So while brands need to have a website in place, it’s also imperative for brands to be knowledgable about how they can deliver something of an edge and differentiate themselves from competitors in the process. Perhaps implementing a few of these tips will help you amplify the impact your site is having on potential and currently loyal customers alike.

Get emotional.

This advice may initially sound off-putting, but emotions elicit a sense of connection, and this truth is what makes brands stand out. It also helps to give your brand a face and delivers that valuable sense of connection in authentic way. Consumers want to know that they are valued by the brands they’re supporting, so think about how you can affirm this sentiment. Having real people resolve customer service obstacles is just as important as reinforcing the character and tone of voice of your brand, recruiting authentic ambassadors, introducing your team to your followers on social media, and giving a voice to the people who work for you. Getting emotional has numerous benefits, so don’t be reluctant to put it all out there.

Cultivate a sense of community.

There’s something about community that resonates with consumers. Athletic apparel brand like Nike or Lululemon come to mind as mentor brands given their initiative to host in-person events and encouraging an active lifestyle in real-time ways. When brands place value on extending their efforts beyond the tangible sales of the product, it speaks volumes to audiences, and it augments customer loyalty. There are many ways to integrate community in to your brand presence, and utilizing your website is a great place to start.

Open the dialogue.

At this point, we know that consumer acknowledgment and brand community are two things successful brands do well. Today’s leading technology platforms are emboldening brands to serve customers in a more authentic way than ever before. Using social media, email marketing, website forums, and browsing through customer comments/reviews, brands can get a really clear idea of what their audience wants—whether that’s improvements to an existing product, ideas for new products they’d like to see, or general suggestions that the brand may not have previously considered. Glossier, a leading brand in the beauty industry, has earned its success solely by listening to their consumer base and innovating in response to customer feedback.

Create a two-way street for brand to consumer support.

To expand upon the importance of community and sincere relationships with your consumer base, consider how you can reciprocate support of the loyal customers who continuously support you. This could entail sharing user-generated content, promoting things your customers are doing and/or supporting, or even celebrating customers who have been loyal for a monumental period of time. Again, acknowledging your customers is a surefire way to optimize that unwavering sense of loyalty.

A website has the potential be so much more impactful than a simple landing page. It resembles an opportunity to be a conduit for unprecedented connection, and a way for your brand to uphold its relevance by engaging users in a unique way. How do you plan to upgrade your website?